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void KCleanup::execute ( KFileInfo item ) [virtual, slot]

The heart of the matter: Perform the cleanup with the KFileInfo specified.

Reimplemented in KDirStat::TrashBinCleanup.

Definition at line 196 of file kcleanup.cpp.

References confirmation(), KDirStat::KDirTree::deleteSubtree(), executed(), executeRecursive(), KDirStat::KFileInfo::parent(), KDirStat::KDirTree::refresh(), KDirStat::KFileInfo::tree(), and worksFor().

Referenced by executeWithSelection().

    if ( worksFor( item ) )
      if ( _askForConfirmation && ! confirmation( item ) )
      KDirTree  * tree = item->tree();
      executeRecursive( item );
      switch ( _refreshPolicy )
          case noRefresh:
            // Do nothing.

          case refreshThis:
            tree->refresh( item );

          case refreshParent:
            tree->refresh( item->parent() );

          case assumeDeleted:

            // Assume the cleanup action has deleted the item.
            // Modify the KDirTree accordingly.

            tree->deleteSubtree( item );

            // Don't try to figure out a reasonable next selection - the
            // views have to do that while handling the subtree
            // deletion. Only the views have any knowledge about a
            // reasonable strategy for choosing a next selection. Unlike
            // the view items, the KFileInfo items don't have an order that
            // makes any sense to the user.


    emit executed();

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