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KCleanup::KCleanup ( QString  id,
QString  command,
QString  title,
KActionCollection *  parent 


'id' is the name of this cleanup action as used in the XML UI file and config files, 'title' is the human readable menu title. 'command' is the shell command to execute.

Most applications will want to pass KMainWindow::actionCollection() for 'parent' so the menus and toolbars can be created using the XML UI description ('kdirstatui.rc' for KDirStat).

Definition at line 37 of file kcleanup.cpp.

References executeWithSelection().

    : KAction( title,
    , _id   ( id    )
    , _command    ( command )
    , _title      ( title       )
    _selection          = 0;
    _enabled            = true;
    _worksForDir  = true;
    _worksForFile = false;
    _worksForDotEntry   = false;
    _worksLocalOnly     = true;
    _recurse            = false;
    _askForConfirmation = false;
    _refreshPolicy      = noRefresh;
    KAction::setEnabled( false );

    connect(this, SIGNAL(triggered()),
            this, SLOT(executeWithSelection()));

Here is the call graph for this function:

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