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KDirStat::KDirInfo Class Reference

directory item within a KDirTree. More...

#include <kdirinfo.h>

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Public Member Functions

KFileSize allocatedSize () const
KFileSize blocks () const
KFileSize blockSize () const
KFileSize byteSize () const
virtual void childAdded (KFileInfo *newChild)
QString debugUrl () const
virtual void deletingChild (KFileInfo *deletedChild)
dev_t device () const
virtual KFileInfodotEntry () const
void finalizeAll ()
virtual void finalizeLocal ()
virtual KFileInfofirstChild () const
virtual bool hasChildren () const
virtual void insertChild (KFileInfo *newChild)
bool isBlockDevice () const
virtual bool isBusy ()
bool isCharDevice () const
bool isDevice () const
bool isDir () const
virtual bool isDirInfo () const
virtual bool isDotEntry () const
virtual bool isExcluded () const
bool isFifo () const
bool isFile () const
virtual bool isFinished ()
bool isInSubtree (const KFileInfo *subtree) const
bool isLocalFile () const
virtual bool isMountPoint ()
bool isSocket () const
bool isSparseFile () const
bool isSpecial () const
bool isSymLink () const
 KDirInfo (KDirTree *tree, KDirInfo *parent, const QString &filenameWithoutPath, mode_t mode, KFileSize size, time_t mtime)
 KDirInfo (const QString &filenameWithoutPath, struct stat *statInfo, KDirTree *tree, KDirInfo *parent=0)
 KDirInfo (const KFileItem *fileItem, KDirTree *tree, KDirInfo *parent=0)
 KDirInfo (KDirTree *tree, KDirInfo *parent=0, bool asDotEntry=false)
virtual time_t latestMtime ()
nlink_t links () const
virtual KFileInfolocate (QString url, bool findDotEntries=false)
mode_t mode () const
time_t mtime () const
QString name () const
KFileInfonext () const
KDirInfoparent () const
virtual int pendingReadJobs ()
void readJobAborted ()
void readJobAdded ()
void readJobFinished ()
virtual KDirReadState readState () const
virtual void setDotEntry (KFileInfo *newDotEntry)
virtual void setExcluded (bool excl=true)
virtual void setFirstChild (KFileInfo *newfirstChild)
virtual void setMountPoint (bool isMountPoint=true)
void setNext (KFileInfo *newNext)
void setParent (KDirInfo *newParent)
void setReadState (KDirReadState newReadState)
KFileSize size () const
virtual KFileSize totalBlocks ()
virtual int totalFiles ()
virtual int totalItems ()
virtual KFileSize totalSize ()
virtual int totalSubDirs ()
KDirTreetree () const
int treeLevel () const
virtual void unlinkChild (KFileInfo *deletedChild)
QString url () const
QString urlPart (int level) const
virtual ~KDirInfo ()

Protected Member Functions

void cleanupDotEntries ()
void recalc ()

Protected Attributes

bool _beingDestroyed:1
KFileSize _blocks
dev_t _device
bool _isDotEntry:1
bool _isExcluded:1
bool _isLocalFile:1
bool _isMountPoint:1
bool _isSparseFile:1
time_t _latestMtime
nlink_t _links
mode_t _mode
time_t _mtime
QString _name
int _pendingReadJobs
KDirReadState _readState
KFileSize _size
bool _summaryDirty:1
KFileSize _totalBlocks
int _totalFiles
int _totalItems
KFileSize _totalSize
int _totalSubDirs

Private Member Functions

void init ()

Detailed Description

directory item within a KDirTree.

A more specialized version of KFileInfo: This class can actually manage children. The base class (KFileInfo) has only stubs for the respective methods to integrate seamlessly with the abstraction of a file / directory tree; this class fills those stubs with life.

Definition at line 50 of file kdirinfo.h.

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