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KDirStat::KDirTreeView Class Reference

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Public Slots

void abortReading ()
void clear ()
void clearSelection ()
void closeAllExcept (KDirTreeViewItem *except)
void logActivity (int points)
virtual QSize minimumSizeHint () const
void openURL (KUrl url)
void paletteChanged ()
void readCache (const QString &cacheFileName)
void readConfig ()
void refreshAll ()
void refreshSelected ()
void saveConfig () const
void selectItem (KFileInfo *item)
void selectItem (KDirTreeViewItem *item)
void selectItem (Q3ListViewItem *item)
void sendMailToOwner ()
bool writeCache (const QString &cacheFileName)


void aborted ()
void contextMenu (KDirTreeViewItem *item, const QPoint &pos)
void finished ()
void progressInfo (const QString &infoLine)
void selectionChanged (KDirTreeViewItem *item)
void selectionChanged (KFileInfo *item)
void startingReading ()
void userActivity (int points)

Public Member Functions

QPixmap blockDevIcon () const
QPixmap charDevIcon () const
QPixmap closedDirIcon () const
QPixmap closedDotEntryIcon () const
bool doLazyClone () const
bool doPacManAnimation () const
void enablePacManAnimation (bool enable)
void ensureContrast ()
QPixmap fifoIcon () const
QPixmap fileIcon () const
const QColor & fillColor (int level) const
KDirTreeViewItemfirstChild () const
int iconCol () const
void incDebugCount (int i)
 KDirTreeView (QWidget *parent=0)
int latestMtimeCol () const
KDirTreeViewItemlocate (KFileInfo *wanted, bool lazy=true, bool doClone=true)
QPixmap mountPointIcon () const
int nameCol () const
int openCount ()
QPixmap openDirIcon () const
QPixmap openDotEntryIcon () const
int openLevel () const
int ownSizeCol () const
const QColor & percentageBarBackground () const
int percentBarCol () const
int percentNumCol () const
const QColor & rawFillColor (int level) const
int readJobsCol () const
QPixmap readyIcon () const
KDirTreeViewItemselection () const
void setDebugFunc (int i, const QString &functionName)
void setDefaultFillColors ()
void setFillColor (int level, const QColor &color)
virtual void setSorting (int column, bool increasing=TRUE)
void setTreeBackground (const QColor &color)
void setUsedFillColors (int usedFillColors)
int sortCol () const
QPixmap stopIcon () const
QPixmap symLinkIcon () const
int totalFilesCol () const
int totalItemsCol () const
int totalSizeCol () const
int totalSubDirsCol () const
KDirTreetree ()
const QColor & treeBackground () const
QPixmap unreadableDirIcon () const
int usedFillColors () const
QPixmap workingIcon () const
int workingStatusCol () const
virtual ~KDirTreeView ()

Protected Slots

void addChild (KFileInfo *newChild)
void busyDisplay ()
void columnResized (int column, int oldSize, int newSize)
void deleteChild (KFileInfo *newChild)
void finalizeLocal (KDirInfo *dir)
void idleDisplay ()
void popupContextInfo (const QPoint &pos, const QString &info)
void popupContextMenu (Q3ListViewItem *listViewItem, const QPoint &pos, int column)
void popupContextSizeInfo (const QPoint &pos, KFileSize size)
void prepareReading ()
void sendProgressInfo (const QString &currentDir="")
void sendProgressInfo ()
void slotAborted ()
void slotFinished ()
void updateSummary ()

Protected Member Functions

void createTree ()

Protected Attributes

QPixmap _blockDevIcon
QPixmap _charDevIcon
QPixmap _closedDirIcon
QPixmap _closedDotEntryIcon
Q3PopupMenu * _contextInfo
QString _currentDir
int _debugCount [DEBUG_COUNTERS]
QString _debugFunc [DEBUG_COUNTERS]
bool _doLazyClone
bool _doPacManAnimation
QPixmap _fifoIcon
QPixmap _fileIcon
QColor _fillColor [KDirTreeViewMaxFillColor]
int _iconCol
int _idContextInfo
int _latestMtimeCol
QPixmap _mountPointIcon
int _nameCol
QPixmap _openDirIcon
QPixmap _openDotEntryIcon
int _openLevel
int _ownSizeCol
QColor _percentageBarBackground
int _percentBarCol
int _percentNumCol
int _readJobsCol
QPixmap _readyIcon
int _sortCol
QPixmap _stopIcon
QTime _stopWatch
QPixmap _symLinkIcon
int _totalFilesCol
int _totalItemsCol
int _totalSizeCol
int _totalSubDirsCol
QColor _treeBackground
QPixmap _unreadableDirIcon
int _updateInterval
QTimer * _updateTimer
int _usedFillColors
QPixmap _workingIcon
int _workingStatusCol

Detailed Description

Definition at line 57 of file kdirtreeview.h.

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