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void KDirTreeView::prepareReading (  ) [protected, slot]

Set up everything prior to reading: Cyclic update timer, display busy state, default sorting, stopwatch.

Definition at line 281 of file kdirtreeview.cpp.

References busyDisplay(), sendProgressInfo(), setSorting(), startingReading(), and updateSummary().

Referenced by createTree().

    // Prepare cyclic update

    if ( _updateTimer )
      delete _updateTimer;

    _updateTimer = new QTimer( this );

    if ( _updateTimer )
      _updateTimer->changeInterval( _updateInterval );
      connect( _updateTimer,  SIGNAL( timeout() ),
             this,      SLOT  ( updateSummary() ) );

      connect( _updateTimer, SIGNAL( timeout() ),
             this,      SLOT  ( sendProgressInfo() ) );

    // Change display to busy state

    setSorting( _totalSizeCol );
    emit startingReading();


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