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QString KDirStat::KFileInfo::name (  ) const [inline]

Returns the file or directory name without path, i.e. only the last path name component (i.e. "printcap" rather than "/etc/printcap").

If a directory scan doesn't begin at the root directory and this is the top entry of this directory scan it will also contain the base path and maybe the protocol (for remote files), i.e. "/usr/share/man" rather than just "man" if a scan was requested for "/usr/share/man". Notice, however, that the entry for "/usr/share/man/man1" will only return "man1" in this example.

Definition at line 153 of file kfileinfo.h.

Referenced by KDirStat::KFileInfoList::compareItems(), KDirStat::KCleanup::expandVariables(), KDirStat::KDirTreeViewItem::init(), KFileInfo(), KDirStat::KDirTreeViewItem::locate(), KDirStat::KTreemapView::tileColor(), urlPart(), and KDirStat::KCacheWriter::writeItem().

{ return _name; }

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