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QString KFileInfo::url (  ) const

Returns the full URL of this object with full path and protocol (unless the protocol is "file:").

This is a (somewhat) expensive operation since it will recurse up to the top of the tree.

Definition at line 230 of file kfileinfo.cpp.

References isDotEntry(), and url().

Referenced by KDirStat::KCacheReader::addItem(), k4dirstat::cleanupOpenWith(), KDirStat::KCleanup::confirmation(), debugUrl(), k4dirstat::editCopy(), KDirStat::KioDirReadJob::entries(), KDirStat::TrashBinCleanup::execute(), KDirStat::KCleanup::expandVariables(), KDirStat::KCleanup::itemDir(), KDirStat::KDirTreeView::popupContextMenu(), KDirStat::KDirTree::refresh(), k4dirstat::selectionChanged(), KDirStat::KDirTreeView::sendMailToOwner(), KDirStat::KioDirReadJob::startReading(), KDirStat::KLocalDirReadJob::startReading(), url(), and KDirStat::KCacheWriter::writeItem().

    if ( _parent )
      QString parentUrl = _parent->url();

      if ( isDotEntry() )     // don't append "/." for dot entries
          return parentUrl;

      if ( parentUrl == "/" ) // avoid duplicating slashes
          return parentUrl + _name;
          return parentUrl + "/" + _name;
      return _name;

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Here is the caller graph for this function:

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