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virtual KFileInfo* KDirStat::KFileInfo::dotEntry (  ) const [inline, virtual]

Return the "Dot Entry" for this node if there is one (or 0 otherwise): This is a pseudo entry that directory nodes use to store non-directory children separately from directories. This way the end user can easily tell which summary fields belong to the directory itself and which are the accumulated values of the entire subtree.

This default implementation always returns 0.

Reimplemented in KDirStat::KDirInfo.

Definition at line 441 of file kfileinfo.h.

Referenced by KDirStat::KDirTree::childAddedNotify(), KDirStat::KDirTreeViewItem::cleanupDotEntries(), KDirStat::KFileInfoIterator::count(), KDirStat::KDirTreeViewItem::deferredClone(), hasChildren(), locate(), KDirStat::KFileInfoSortedIterator::makeDefaultOrderChildrenList(), KDirStat::KFileInfoIterator::next(), and KDirStat::KCacheWriter::writeTree().

{ return 0; }

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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