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k4dirstat Class Reference

Main window class. More...

#include <k4dirstat.h>

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Public Slots

void askReadCache ()
void askWriteCache ()
KCleanupCollectioncleanupCollection ()
void cleanupOpenWith ()
void contextMenu (KDirTreeViewItem *item, const QPoint &pos)
void contextMenu (KTreemapTile *tile, const QPoint &pos)
void createTreemapView ()
void createTreemapViewDelayed ()
void deleteTreemapView ()
void editCopy ()
void fileAskOpenDir ()
void fileAskOpenUrl ()
void fileCloseDir ()
void fileOpenRecent (const KUrl &url)
void initPacMan (bool enablePacMan=true)
bool pacManEnabled () const
void preferences ()
void readMainWinConfig ()
void refreshAll ()
void refreshSelected ()
void revertCleanupsToDefaults ()
void saveMainWinConfig ()
void selectionChanged (KFileInfo *selection)
void statusMsg (const QString &text)
void stopReading ()
void toggleTreemapView ()
void treemapHelp ()
void treemapRebuild ()
void treemapSelectParent ()
void treemapZoomIn ()
void treemapZoomOut ()
void updateActions ()


void readConfig ()
void saveConfig ()

Public Member Functions

 k4dirstat ()
void openURL (const KUrl &url)
KTreemapViewtreemapView () const
KDirTreeViewtreeView () const
virtual ~k4dirstat ()

Protected Member Functions

void initCleanups ()
void initStatusBar ()

Protected Attributes

KAction * _cleanupOpenWith
KAction * _editCopy
KFeedbackDialog * _feedbackDialog
KAction * _fileAskOpenDir
KAction * _fileAskOpenUrl
KAction * _fileAskReadCache
KAction * _fileAskWriteCache
KAction * _fileCloseDir
KAction * _fileContinueReadingAtMountPoint
KRecentFilesAction * _fileOpenRecent
KAction * _fileQuit
KAction * _fileReadExcludedDir
KAction * _fileRefreshAll
KAction * _fileRefreshSelected
KAction * _fileStopReading
KAction * _helpSendFeedbackMail
QWidget * _pacManDelimiter
KAction * _reportMailToOwner
KToggleAction * _showTreemapView
QSplitter * _splitter
QMenu * _treemapContextMenu
KAction * _treemapRebuild
KAction * _treemapSelectParent
int _treemapViewHeight
KAction * _treemapZoomIn
KAction * _treemapZoomOut
QMenu * _treeViewContextMenu

Private Member Functions

void setupActions ()

Private Attributes

QPrinter * m_printer

Detailed Description

Main window class.

This class serves as the main window for k4dirstat. It handles the menus, toolbars, and status bars.


Definition at line 51 of file k4dirstat.h.

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